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If your car or truck seems to be drifting to one side, or if your vehicle's steering isn't as smooth as it once was, you may have suspension issues. That's when you need to bring your vehicle to the pros at Chris' Auto Repair. Our experienced mechanics can straighten out your suspension problems.

Reliable suspension repairs for a smoother ride

We back all of our work with warranties! If something is wrong with our service, we'll make it right at no charge!

  • Ball joints

  • T-rods

  • Struts and shocks

  • CV axles

  • Wheel bearings

  • Steering suspension

Our suspension repairs include:

Getting your suspension repaired does more than just give you a smoother ride. It also improves your fuel efficiency and decreases wear on your tires, saving you money in the long run. Call us today and we'll give you a FREE estimate on your suspension repairs.

Why wait to have your suspension fixed? Get a FREE estimate today!

Don't ignore your suspension problems! Call us today for an appointment!